fly & buy

We fly you to Salt Lake and pick you up at the airport or we’ll pay for your hotel.
Enjoy a weekend away then drive home in your new car!

This unique program was developed by Fresh Start Auto to ensure people, like yourself, that may have credit issues, are afforded the same opportunity as anyone else to improve their overall financial picture without discrimination due to credit score, credit history, or even bankruptcy.

Regardless of your location, we feel everyone should have the same opportunity to begin re-establishing their credit. Fresh Start Auto is one of the only lenders that will put you in a new or near-new car within days of filing for bankruptcy.

The Fresh Start Auto mission is simple, the goal is clear: to help good people with credit issues obtain the automobile financing assistance they deserve without hassle, embarrassment, or skyrocketing interest rates. We even offer an interest rate reduction program.

Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot be financed. You can be financed. We can make it happen faster and easier than anyone else.

Simply call 801-266-3266 and get all the details.

Most lenders will take an old-fashioned view that discriminates against those who have credit issues. Fresh Start Auto makes it easier than you think to get an auto loan that fits your needs.

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