What kind of vehicles do you have?

We have foreign and domestic, and concentrate our inventory on vehicles 2016-2020 with less than 60k miles. Also, refer to our Recently Sold page.

What if I have no cash down or trade-in. Can you help?

YES! Don’t let that discourage you! At Fresh Start Auto we have lenders that will help you in situations such as, no cash down or no trade.

What if I have a trade-in, but I owe more than it is currently worth. Can you help?

YES! We often solve this type of situation due to our large selection of inventory and the great relationships that we have with multiple lenders.

What if I am new to the area and/or have short job time. Can you help?

YES! Most lenders want to see 2 years of continuous employment and residence history so this situation can easily be resolved.

What if I do not live in the area. Can I be pre-approved for an auto loan?

YES! We can get your auto loan pre-approved either by fax or email prior to your coming into town.

What if I am self-employed. Can you help?

YES! Of course! We have lenders that will extend to you a loan simply by verifying your income with your previous two years tax returns.

What if I want to purchase an SUV, truck, or van, etc. Can you help?

YES! Selection is never an issue. We carefully select our inventory to meet your needs and our lenders' criteria. All of our vehicles go through a 128-point inspection.

What if I am on active duty with the military. Can you help?

YES! We have lenders that offer financing to Military Personnel E-3 and above.

Won’t reaffirming on my current auto loan continue to build my credit?

No, disappointingly most lenders stop reporting your payments to the credit bureaus after reaffirming on a loan. So regardless of how many more on-time payments you make it will not improve your credit score.

Can I really refinance a loan I get now in 2 years for single digit interest rates?

In most cases yes!! You must have positive equity in your vehicle and have paid all your payments on time. ***Each case is different and must be reviewed at that time***

Can I really get approved and be in and out in 75 minutes?

Yes!! Other dealers complicate this process. We have streamlined it, and you will work with the same person start to finish.